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Roasted Chicken

Ting n Tingz Menu

Main Entrees

A diverse range of flavorful dishes which are all sourced daily and locally. Each dish comes with rice and peas, marinated meat , cabbage, okra and salad.(Depends on meal chosen)

Curry chicken

Carribean traditional cooking marinated/simmered with carribean spices. This tasting meal is served with rice and peas, soup, salad and 1 bevarage.


Curry Goat

Grilled curry goat, marinated in a blend of curry and potatoes.


Fish of the day- Red Snapper

Tasteful Fried Snapper or Steam Fish.
Fish can be grilled or Steam fish seasoned with Carribean spices . Onions, Bell peppers, Thyme.



Tilapia and King fish

Juicy, tender fish cooked to your liking, served with steamed vegetables. (Depend on Availability)



Ackee and Salt fish

Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica consisting of an unusual fruit of West African origin and salted fish, usually cod, mahi mahi, or mackerel. The dish is very popular either as a nourishing Jamaican breakfast or as an appetizer served for lunch or dinner.



Bean Lovers

Black Eye Beans and Roman Beans are enriched protein flavour. Mixed spices with fish flavour, and served with sweet riped plantain and rice.



Curry Shrimp

Curry shrimp served with rice and peas or Irish potatoes with carrots and bell peppers.


Extra Side Orders

Different Varieties of food to taste.

Fried Plantains (5)

A plantain is a fruit that resembles a banana and is almost always cooked. Fried plantains are delicious.




Festivals tasty made out of sweet dough.



Chicken soup and Peppery Soup served with buns. (Depends on availability)


Corn Bread

Delicious sweet bread


Jamaican Patties

Lightly spiced pastry with seasoned beef or vegetable



Tropical drinks

Sweet tasting flavours



A refreshing blend of freshly squeezed hibiscus and ginger.



Mango sweet juice


Soft drink

Gingerale, Sprite, Pepsi & Diet Coke


Fruit Punch

Fruit juice


International Drinks

Ting Drinks, D&G drinks (Pineapple, ginger beer,)


Ting n Tingz Menu

Authentic Afro-Caribbean Food melanated with diverse spices to indulge your taste

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